This course will teach the following:

  • Laying the foundation for future success through creating a competitive mindset.

  • Creating a developmental support system that will stand the test of time.

  • Immersing athletes into a competitive culture at any age.

  • Knowing how to help athletes find motivation through the entire process.

  • Having a clear vision and plan to create a balanced athlete including when to start and how to train.

  • How to market athletes to obtain opportunities such as scholarships and sponsorships.

Pricing Options

This course can be purchased individually, or sign up for a year long membership for just $39/month and have access to all Worthy to Win eCourses and Bonus Content.

Is Mindset Development training for you?

The Worthy to Win process is effective in enhancing personal mental and skill development, physical fitness, and a wide-range of performance goals. These questions can help you answer if this course is for you:

  • Should I be performing at a higher level?

  • Do I regularly underperform?

  • Am I hungry and motivated to improve my results?

  • Have I experienced self-defeat under pressure?

  • Do I frequently struggle with focus in game-winning situations?