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Worthy to Win Mindset Training offers three levels of training: 1. Fundamentals, 2. Advanced, and 3. Elite. With the ability to take individual eCourses at your own pace, or engage in personal training and guided courses, you can work on mindset development skills including managing internal emotions, nerves, expectations and pressures, training effective reactions, routines, body language, pre and post-comp routines and tempos. Equally important is player grit and resilience. Mindset development engages character, self-awareness, discipline and toughness.

Meet Joey Johnson

Mindset Development Coach

Joey Johnson

For the past thirty years Joey Johnson has been competing, coaching and consulting in the arena of human performance. Joey grew up in the rugged northern Minnesota region and through raw courage, work and determination developed into an All-American collegiate tennis player and graduated from Ole Miss University, a top 25 Division I South Eastern Conference program. He later went on to compete on the ATP Men’s Pro Tour. Joey developed a love for coaching at a young age and went on to work with many sectional, national and world-ranked athletes over a 20 year period. This experience includes coaching on the ATP and WTA Pro Tennis Tour, and consultant with amateur, professional and Olympic athletes from a variety of sports. In addition, Joey has been a Division I Head Tennis Coach and has consulted with college teams, clubs, academies and tennis federations around the world. Joey’s life and coaching experience led him to write a book titled, Worthy to Win. This book outlines an eight-step mental training process for those hungry to experience a breakthrough in performance. He specializes in taking people who appear to have the talent to breakthrough but have not experienced that leap in results. His unique mindset (mental) development process gives the critical information to enable performers to create a shift in thinking that impacts their decision making and eliminates destructive obstacles and other self-sabotage behaviors including fear and doubt that hinder focus and a healthy competitive perspective.

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